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Throughout my life, I have worked in many mediums, explored divergent styles and subject matter, and benefited tremendously from the diverse challenges and rewards found in all.  The various skills and discipline required, challenges faced, knowledge gained, and growth found, all work together to improve every individual focus and endeavor.  The life of an artist is a life of growth, exploration, perception, and inspiration - in addition to the mastery of skills.  Expert rendering is not enough, as it is the depth of vision that is most essential.  And vision grows deeper through broadened perspectives and life experiences combined with a keen focus, and kept alert by an open mind.  When I began painting full time, over thirty years ago, and making my work available in galleries, I knew very clearly that the work I was doing then would be different from the work I would do in the future...that it would grow and change over time.  Exactly how, I wasn't sure, but sure I was that it would grow and change, and perhaps it would change greatly.  While there is a consistency to be found in my painting, there has also been great variety at times.  Some of that variety is clearly reflected in new works, and some of it earned its keep as experimentation and is not currently seen on these pages.  In my gallery here on this site, I offer a series of paintings that reflect a glimpse into the evolution of my most representational paintings, perhaps a refinement of some skills, and journeys afar, through oil paint.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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