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For the past several years, I have been working on new paintings, both large and small, invoking the cumulative elements of my efforts and experiences over a lifetime.  Additionally, they are the result of the new insights and experimentation which, artistically, I began to clearly focus upon twenty one years ago. These new paintings are also the future paintings I had a strong yet then-still-intangible vision of when I began painting professionally over three decades ago. While I will continue to paint more traditional paintings, as I love them and they too continue to grow, my current works also demonstrate a resolute exploration into and expression of the visionary truths, hidden in the infinite world of spirit, that make up our greater universe and deeper reality. My travels and experiences, explorations for many decades, practices, and fortunate meetings with native and ancient peoples inspire the larger paintings I am also now sharing and have been developing all along.  
It is my sincere hope that, not only shall my traditional paintings offer a beautiful vision of this world we live in, but that my more modern works shall offer the viewer a clear and inspiring window into the even more real yet hidden worlds and dimensions of our Universe, their startling and breathtaking beauty, and the voices of eternity that connect us all.  It is my hope that my works can offer peace, inspiration, and a greater sense of LOVE, to all who may see them.  Some of these paintings shall draw on spiritual traditions from around the world, while others shall purely reflect my own experiences as a traveller into the unknown.


Both above and below, these photographs offer a glimpse of a few

works in progress.  Soon, these paintings, with the many other paintings I am working on, will be available.

The painting in the sliding window above is a painting I began three years ago, and am now, after following the life of the painting itself, getting closer to completing.  The sliding progression above shows the painting in various stages, each underlying layer adding depth, dimension, and life, to the subsequent layers.  When finished, she will be far more complete and alive than she currently appears, in all aspects.  My friend, Pema Batsa Rinpoche, a Living Buddha from Zhaxisi Temple on the Tibetan Plateau, said she is reffered to as the Goddesses of Beauty, said she is indeed very real, and appears to those fortunate enough to see her.  It is my hope and prayer that she allows my work to bring her to others.

With Pema Batsa Rinpoche on the Tibetan Plateau.

With unfinished paintings in progress, in my Bangkok studio.

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