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Thank you for your continued interest in my work.  Prices are available on request.


Temple of Heaven                                                          oil                                                                  34.75" x 57"                                     

This is the Temple of Heaven, in Beijing.  The Temple of Heaven, Tian Tian in Mandarin, is perhaps the most important temple in China.  China, The Middle Kingdom, finds the Temle of Heaven at its very own center, placing Tian Tian at the center of the Universe.  In ancient times, the Emperor would spend weeks every year at Tian Tian, fasting and carrying out prayers and ceremonies to insure the good fortune of The Middle Kingdom and her people.  A stunning site, The Temple of Heaven sits near the south gate to Beijing.  This painting is one of my large scale paintings, measuring nearly three by five feet.  

Village Life, Thailand                                               oil                                                             12" x 24"



It's difficult to imagine a more romantic way of life than this...going to the market, visiting neighbors, or gliding across the water to meet your lover, all under the cool protection of a turquoise umbrella.  This painting is of a traditional Thai village, not too far from Bangkok.

"Chiwit Rim Nam"                                           oil                                                      12" x 16"



"Chiwit Rim Nam" ชีวิตริมน้ำ (pronounced chee-weet reem nam) translates as "Life On Waters Edge".  This painting is one in a series I am doing from Samut Prakan, near Bangkok.  Here, we can watch a red and fuschia bougainvillea enjoying life on a sunny afternoon in Thailand. 

Here is a detail from "Chiwit Rim Nam".  Unfortunately, pictures on computers never due justice to the original work.  Colors, details, and subtleties remain unseen and even inaccurate.  I provide this detail to illustrate this point and offer a glimpse of finer details in all of these areas.

Mekong River Fisherman                                   oil                                                       12" x 21"


This fisherman was throwing his net along the shore of the Mekong River in Mukdahan, Thailand.  On the far banks of the Mekong, across from Mukdahan, is Savannaket, Laos.  The Mekong is a rather large river, perhaps a kilometer wide, and provides some very delicious fish.  The fisherman in this painting worked his way up and down the banks, casting his net, walking about in his narrow long boat, and navigating the dangerous currents with fascinating skill.

The Grasslands, Inner Mongolia                                 oil                                                            12" x 24"


Inner Mongolia is a beautiful country, famous for its grasslands, and the home of Genghis Khan.  The two times I traveled and did work there added up to six weeks, and I was able to spend time in both the grasslands and mountains, also riding the famous Mongolian ponies.  This is a village several hours from Hohhot, the capital, as an afternoon rain shower moves across the grasslands and everyone heads home.

View From Olowalu, Maui                                 oil                                                      8" x 16"


Just before sunset, this is the view of a sunbathed Haleakala, seen from Olowalu on the island of Maui.  To the left of these palm trees is a wonderful stretch of beach, perfect for snorkeling.  In the winter, the waters between Olowalu and Haleakala are home to the humpback whales.

Koi Out For a Swim                                    oil                                                  12" x 15"


I thought it would be nice to do a painting of some Koi, so I decided to paint them doing what they do best...going for a swim.  I particularly love the combination of shapes, patterns, colors, and contrasting values this painting offered me.

Zhaxisi Monastery, Tibetan Plateau                          oil                                                         10" x 20"



Set high on the Tibetan Plateau in western China, Zhaxisi is the Buddhist monastery of Pema Batsa Rinpoche, a very close friend of mine.  When I first met Pema Batsa, in Beijing, he invited me to visit him at his monastery which I was able to do several months later.  At that time, I spoke almost no Chinese and the trip was a great and wonderful adventure.  Traveling by airplane, bus, minivan, Chinese state utility truck, motorcycle, and foot, I was the first Westerner to ever visit him there.  We spent many days at Zhaxisi, then traveled together to the famous Katok Monastery, where he was raised by monks, from the age of five.  Traditionally, when a Living Buddha, or Rinpoche,  leaves this world, he states where he will return in the next life.  Accordingly, after about five years, designated monks seek the child out and present him with several tests that only the former Rinpoche would know the answers to, thus determining his identity.  After finding Pema Batsa, the monks took him to Katok Monastery to raise him.  Fifteen or so years later,  Pema Batsa left Katok and returned to his original temple, Zhaxisi, and began reconstruction of his monastery.  When I visited him, he was in this process and  the new monastery is still being completed.  Truly an amazing journey for me, we traveled even higher into the mountains from his place to spend many days at Katok, secluded high in the mountains at about 18,000 feet.  This painting is of the first main temple building, reconstructed at Zhaxisi.  Standing in front of the temple is my good friend Drenze Doje who is Pema Batsa Rinpoche’s assistant, another monk, and some goats…all temple residents.

Ming Dynasty Snow                   oil                                   10"x8"



The ancient city of Pingyao, in Shanxi Province, is one of the oldest, well preserved cities in the world, dating back over two thousand years.  The city walls were built in the Ming Dynasty, and today it stands as it did then.   A truly beautiful site, I visited Pingyao when I was living in Shanxi.  For this painting, I chose a snow scene, which seems to stop time and takes us back into an enchanted vision of life in the Ming Dynasty.

If you have an interest, please contact me so I can hold the work for you or answer any questions you may have.  All prices are available on request.  


* Shipping and framing


As I am currently in Thailand, paintings will be shipped directly to you, fully insured.

To save on shipping and other expenses, some people prefer to receive their paintings 'unframed' and have them framed locally in their location.  That, of course, is up to you.  If you choose to have the work framed after you receive it, an adequate 'framing allowance' will be made.


In the future, I will begin offering Limited Edition Giclee Prints.  Currently, I do not have prints available, but shall in the 'not too distant' future.

When I do, they will be in three categories.  The first category shall be an exclusive run (limited to perhaps ten) of the very highest quality giclee prints on canvas, signed and numbered.  The second category shall be a very small run (perhaps fifty) of the very highest quality giclee prints, on paper, also signed and numbered.  The third category shall be limited to five hundred very high quality prints on paper.

A NOTE ABOUT GICLEE PRINTS...It is my sincere hope that, by making these prints available, more people will be able to enjoy my work and add something of beauty to their collections.  However, in order to maintain and encourage a sense of pride and value in ownership, I will strictly limit the numbers of prints (runs) to very small numbers and guarantee that.  Of course, there is nothing like an original.  An original, however beautiful a giclee can be, is incomparable, having been imbued with the very energy of the artist...which stands alone and can be felt... nothing will ever equal an original.  But not everyone can have an original and, for that reason, I want to make the beautiful giclees available so that a very few more people may to be able to enjoy the next best thing.

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