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This section of my website is where I invite you to join me on a more personal journey... the journey through my life, my travels, thoughts, perceptions, experiences and personal interests.  I will take you deeper into my artwork, as well as in other directions.  And, as I do consider life to be a journey warranting great exploration and varied interests, ever evolving and changing, this page will be subject to change as well - and perhaps whim, as is The Adventure of Life.

NOTE:  Please do check back often to see more as my time allows.  I am very busy and have only limited time to expand this page, but I will do so regularly and as often as I can.  Also, please share your thoughts and ideas, helping me make this a shared journey in whatever way I can... and any suggestions or comments you may have.

photo: Greg Epperson

Performing in Changsha

New Mexico

Streetside seafood in Kowloon...hard to beat!


Zheng He, China TV Movie

Miniseries.  In this series,

one of the biggest series

done in China, I costarred in two episodes as the King of Hormuz, opposite Hong Kong star Luo Jia Liang.

Zheng He

Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs, a

Canadian/Chinese co-

production, is an 

action movie, starring

Dolph Lundgren.  We 

filmed this movie in 

Inner Mongolia.  In the 

film, I play a guy named

Chambers, hunting for a

priceless relic, and got

second name billing in

the title sequence -

after Dolph.  It was mostly a shoot em                               up, with lots of blood and dead bodies, but also 

a great adventure in the mountains of                               Inner Mongolia and my first starring role in film...

...although (as Dolph would agree) not                                a movie that anyone expected an Oscar for, it was

nonetheless a great opportunity from                                which I gained a great deal of experience and one

which led and will lead to more work                                 with some very talented and wonderful people I 

met on the film.  And, of course, also                                a great adventure in Inner Mongolia.

Empires of the Deep

Empires of the Deep,



is the most expensive

movie ever filmed in 

China and is in 3D...

it is also, as of yet, 

unreleased.  Many of 

us wonder if it ever

will be, but hopefully

so.  Starring Olga 

Kurylenko, from James

Bond Quantum of 

Solace fame as the

Mermaid Queen of an underwater world.  Set in ancient Greece, I have a small but quite wonderful role as the town's fruit merchant with a daughter (see pic) who is in love with the male lead...a superhero.

Agui The Iron General

Starring Chinese icon Zhang Tie Lin (with me in picture), this

was another TV movie series, set in the Ching Dynasty.

In it, I played the part of a foreign diplomat with a ridiculous top hat (fortunately not pictured).                  

Last Hour

Last Hour has an all star cast, with David Carradine, Michael Madsen, Paul Sorvino, and DMX.

It is a film about a bunch of thieves on a mysterious heist

adventure.  A French

and Chinese co-production, in it I have a small role as a French thief...very small role.


This is an advertisement for Anta, a basketball shoe manufacturer.  It was done in Beijing and features NBA star Kevin Garnett.  I did the voice narration, assuming the role of a coach from a mid western or slightly southern state in America.

This is an advertisement for Intel and Lenovo (the largest computer manufacturer in China).  Again, I did the voice narration.  The director really wanted enthusiasm, so we gave that a shot.  Apparently, the clients were very happy, and this was produced for the annual CES show in Las Vegas.  

more to come...

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